September 25, 2012

Gary Will not Participate on Filming Running Man ep. 113

Did you hear that Kang gary will not participate in filming Running Man ep. 113? It may due to his tweet on Twitter that said that he want to take hiatus. ^.^

This is a facebook status of k-shownow RunningMan fanpage this morning:
"i don't want EP113 to come because my favorite Gary is going to leave the show on EP113...T.T"
but I don't know that it have been confirmed, since the admin is also a fan like us, not a Running Man crew.

 Here is I found a photo of Gary filming Running Man that I never see before (I've watch all Running Man episode from 1-112). So I don't think that Running Man 112 is his last episode.

From the news that I read, the hiatus of Gary from Running Man seems to be true, his partner in Leesang, Gil also decide to leave his variety show (Infinity Challenge). Any of you know how to make Gary stay? ^.^a

I am  worry about Running Man without Gary. Many fans of Running Man love him so much. although he isn't the main cast, but he is lovely, he is the monday boyfriend, he is the winnner of Running Man Best Cast etc.

Running Man changed its format after Jong Ki left, no more searching guest, no more bell hide and seek, but now, when gary lleft, what will the PD do? will Jong Ki back? or add new member? We don't know for sure, but I hope that PD will do their best to make Running Man survive! Haiting!