September 27, 2012

Kang Gary Will not Leaves Running Man! ^.^

This is absolutely my opinion based on every news that I've read, but you can believe it and hope that Gary will not leaves Running Man ^.^

Someone said that SBS's Running Man team has confirmed that Gary will not leave Running Man. And also, they try to give time to Gary by postponing the shooting of Running Man, they guarantee that the postpone will not give bad effect on broadcasting, the editor will just make Running Man episode 113 a little longer to continue to Episode 114. So that Gary and Leesang Company can focus on their problems for a while and to consider about not leaving Running Man

By these news and articles that give us hope, lets wish Gary for his best. Even though he has to leave, we will support him, but actually, honestly, we always want to see his peaceful and naive Gary in every Running Man show.

We love you, Gary, Please don't Go!

September 19, 2012

Kim Jong Kook Love Story

Annyeong haseyo...
Some of you may know about this scandal between Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye. If Jae Suk said something about Yoon Eun Hye, Jong Kook will be upset, and sometime, kicks the National MC ^.^a

If you wacthed Running Man ep.100, there's Yoon Eun Hye mask that can be use to make out, actually it was prepared for Jong Kook, but they can't use it because Jong Kook isn't a God. The way to use is by close the ears and say: "of course". It is refer to what Jong Kook did in the X-man variety show long time ago. ^.^

Like what I post above, Jong Kook and Lee MinKi have a battle. Everytime the opponent ask a question, we have to answer it with "off course". And Lee Min Ki attack him with a question that will make Eun Hye sad if Jong Kook say "of course", so Jong Kook just closed Eun Hye's ears and said: "of course" Lol ^.^a. Isn't it lovely? Our Sparta did such a romantic scene like that? hahahahaha.

I don't know if Jong Kook and Eun Hye is still contact each other secretly, but when He was filming family outing, he was asked "if only 2 girl exist in this world, who will you choose, Eun hye or Lee Hyo Ri?", and guess what is the answer? heheheh of course he said: Yoon eun Hye! hahahaha Lol ^.^a

Hope for a good woman to become his Bride someday, soon. ^.^.v

September 17, 2012

When Will Monday Couple Back?? ^.^

 Annyeong haseyo mina-san ^.^a
It's been a little busy these day. thank's for visiting this blog, keep visiting and thank you, Hwaiting!!! ^.^a
Now I will write about Our Lovely Monday Couple, the one that every Runners miss the most.

I think, every Runners will agree with me, we miss Monday Couple, right???!!!!hahahahah..... We are not to blame Ji Hyo Noona for having a boyfriend, but why Monday Couple must end like this???? nooooo ^.^a

I like every lovely scene of this Monday Couple,
I love when Gary decided to release Ji Hyo in hide n seek,
I like when Gary brought a cup of coffee for Ji Hyo,
when he jealous with Joong ki,
when Ji Hyo gave Gary a piece of cake on Valentine Day
I couldn't stop laughing when I see Ji Hyo left Gary at the cross road to be in Jae Suk and Joong Ki team....
There are many bitter and sweet memory about this Monday Couple ^.^a
Although I know that it's not real, but it's very nice to see....hahahahah....

Do you remember when Gary and Ji Hyo be a team in Running Man episode 90, when they finish a mission successfully in one try, Ji Hyo shouted and call Gary :" Yeah... Kang Gary..", and I'm happy just by hearing her voice. hahaha...

What should we do to make Monday Couple back???? Nope, just pray and hope ^.^a

September 12, 2012

Running Man Episode 110 Review ^.^a

Annyeon Haseyo...
Have you watched Running Man episode 110? It's very fun, daebak ^.^....
I will tell you a little about it without spoil it, ok?
Running Man episode 110 is continuing from Running Man episode 109. First they were doing mission: removing other teams name-tag in a park.

Then on the day after it, Training Camp Day 2,  they will play game in a nearby elementary school. but because of the typhoon hit the city, the school was closed. So they change the game. Every members and guests write a name of game that they have confidence in a piece of paper. the PD will pick up the paper one by one, and everyone will decide to join the game by betting the "baduk stone" or pass the game. if they win, they'll get "baduk stone" if they loose, the one who write the game will get "baduk stone".

Here is the Game that they wrote:
Gary - five stones game
Jae Suk - paper flipping
Yeon Jae - stretching game
Kwang Soo - keep water in mouth
Jong Kook - leg fight
Ji Hyo - identify though blindfolded
Tae Hwan - holding breath
Haha - cola line

Now we know what game they think they good at... ^.^a

Then the final mission is removing other members nametag by order, very funny.

September 10, 2012

Haha is getting to marry

Haha & Byul

Every Running Man fans should already know about this shocking news ^^a. Yes, Haha hyung is getting married at the end of November

Haha, although he always shout: " would you be my last love?!" to every guests that appear in Running Man, but finally, he found his last love, Kim Go Eun. I wish the best for this marriage, may the love last forever ^.^ I just can't imagine when Haha proposing byul. Is it a Romantic Proposal? Hilarious Proposal? Childish Proposal? hahaha....

A little information about Kim Go Eun:
Kim Go-Eun (김고은), better known by her stage name of 별 (Byul, "star"), is a South Korean singer known mostly for her ballads. She was born on October 22, 1983 in Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do and studied in Dongduk Women's University. She was discovered by singer-songwriter Park Jin Young when she had the opportunity to sing for him at one of his fan-meetings, and is currently signed under Spring Entertainment.

For K-Drama lover, maybe you still remember the song I Think I Love You - OST Full House, that's her song. So she thinks that she loves Haha?!?!? Very curious about this upcoming event: Haha-Byul Wedding Party. hahahaha ^.^a

September 9, 2012

Yoo Jae Suk Gangnam Style ^o^a

Yoo Jae Suk on PSY MV

"Oppa Gangnam Style..." That's the first line of the Gangnam Style Lyric by PSY. It is very amazing that the MV reach 200 millions viewer in few days on Youtube. WOW ^.^a

The photo above shows Our National MC-Yoo Jae Suk appeared on the MV. Wearing bright yellow suit, large sunglasses and a mushroom hairstyle wig ^.^a,  he performed a dance with confident. If you watch the MV, I'm not sure that you'll recognize him, but when he start dancing, you'll know for sure that he is our Jae Suk hyung ^.^a.

This hilarious appearance is drawing much attention, especially his mushroom hair ^.^a. Netizens commented on his look saying, “Yoo Jae Suk’s mushroom hair is so cute,” “It looks like Yoo Jae Suk implanted that mushroom hair,” ^o^a

I don't really like the MV, but as one of Running Man fans, knowing that Jae Suk hyung appeared on this MV makes me curious. Ehm... that's the meaning of being a fan, curious about anything made or did by the idol ^.^a

Have you watch the video? ^.^a

Waiting for Running Man ep. 110 ^.^a

Running Man Show on SBS

Actually, Running Man is broadcasted every Sunday evening on SBS. Today, at September 9th, it will be Running Man ep. 110, but some fans that can't watch it directly from SBS, should wait a little longer.

Then, soon, in few days, Running Man download link will be appears on The tag on this website says: "We Sub When You Sleep" ^.^a. How lovely, they work on editing and adding subtitle day and night for us ^o^v

If you open that website, there will be a progress report on the right side of the page. The report shows us about the progress in translating, adding subtitle, and any other editing. If it show us 100% in translating, typesetting and timing, then maybe you already can download or watch it.

Happy Watching for Running Man fans from South Korea, and Happy Waiting for the others ^.^a