September 17, 2012

When Will Monday Couple Back?? ^.^

 Annyeong haseyo mina-san ^.^a
It's been a little busy these day. thank's for visiting this blog, keep visiting and thank you, Hwaiting!!! ^.^a
Now I will write about Our Lovely Monday Couple, the one that every Runners miss the most.

I think, every Runners will agree with me, we miss Monday Couple, right???!!!!hahahahah..... We are not to blame Ji Hyo Noona for having a boyfriend, but why Monday Couple must end like this???? nooooo ^.^a

I like every lovely scene of this Monday Couple,
I love when Gary decided to release Ji Hyo in hide n seek,
I like when Gary brought a cup of coffee for Ji Hyo,
when he jealous with Joong ki,
when Ji Hyo gave Gary a piece of cake on Valentine Day
I couldn't stop laughing when I see Ji Hyo left Gary at the cross road to be in Jae Suk and Joong Ki team....
There are many bitter and sweet memory about this Monday Couple ^.^a
Although I know that it's not real, but it's very nice to see....hahahahah....

Do you remember when Gary and Ji Hyo be a team in Running Man episode 90, when they finish a mission successfully in one try, Ji Hyo shouted and call Gary :" Yeah... Kang Gary..", and I'm happy just by hearing her voice. hahaha...

What should we do to make Monday Couple back???? Nope, just pray and hope ^.^a