September 12, 2012

Running Man Episode 110 Review ^.^a

Annyeon Haseyo...
Have you watched Running Man episode 110? It's very fun, daebak ^.^....
I will tell you a little about it without spoil it, ok?
Running Man episode 110 is continuing from Running Man episode 109. First they were doing mission: removing other teams name-tag in a park.

Then on the day after it, Training Camp Day 2,  they will play game in a nearby elementary school. but because of the typhoon hit the city, the school was closed. So they change the game. Every members and guests write a name of game that they have confidence in a piece of paper. the PD will pick up the paper one by one, and everyone will decide to join the game by betting the "baduk stone" or pass the game. if they win, they'll get "baduk stone" if they loose, the one who write the game will get "baduk stone".

Here is the Game that they wrote:
Gary - five stones game
Jae Suk - paper flipping
Yeon Jae - stretching game
Kwang Soo - keep water in mouth
Jong Kook - leg fight
Ji Hyo - identify though blindfolded
Tae Hwan - holding breath
Haha - cola line

Now we know what game they think they good at... ^.^a

Then the final mission is removing other members nametag by order, very funny.


  1. Do you know the bgm that played when they were choosing the card for the last mission? Spanish or braziliqn song i think